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The Critical Need for Fire Extinguishers in Commercial Kitchens

The Critical Need for Fire Extinguishers in Commercial Kitchens

suspension systems. However, you should also get class K fire extinguishers to your commercial kitchen. It is one of the compliance regulations that you need to adhere to.

There is a high possibility for a fire to emerge within your commercial kitchen. This is the reason why you implement several fire protection measures. Out of those, fire extinguishers hold a prominent place. Whenever there is a fire, your employees will reach to the fire extinguishers and start using them.

Getting the right fire extinguishers for your commercial kitchen

According to the regulations of National Fire Protection Agency, or NFPA, you need to have at least one fire extinguisher within your commercial kitchen. Then you will be able to use it when there is a fire. The surfaces of your restaurant will usually be hot. That’s because you provide your customers with properly cooked food. This can also make your commercial kitchen end up with lots of grease and oils. They can be quite flammable as well.

The hood fire suppression systems play a major role in the restaurant by trying to suppress the fires. However, you cannot ignore the importance of having class K fire extinguishers.

What are Class K fire extinguishers?

The class K fire extinguishers are specifically designed to be used in commercial kitchens. They are capable of dealing with heat, while cutting of the supply to fuel that support fire in a commercial kitchen. By using a class K fire extinguisher, you will be able to effectively suppress any type of a fire in a restaurant kitchen. They come with both wet and dry chemicals to enhance versatility. You can also buy these fire extinguishers in many different sizes.

How to use a Class K fire extinguisher

You need to wait until the hood fire suppression system activates. Then you will be able to provide support to it with the help of your class K fire extinguisher. Then you can increase the overall chances of taking out a fire. Make sure that you fully evacuate the restaurant before using the fire extinguisher as well.

Adding more protection

If you have a larger kitchen, one fire extinguisher will not be enough. This is where you will need to invest in more than one fire extinguisher. Then you will be able to receive better results in extinguishing a fire. If there are more fryers and other appliances, you should think about getting more fire extinguishers. Make sure that you use your common sense and pick the right number of fire extinguishers for your commercial kitchen.

Get the best class K fire extinguishers

Now you are aware about the importance of keeping Class K fire extinguishers in your kitchen. While keeping these facts in mind, you can go ahead and pick the best fire extinguisher available out there. Make sure to buy it from a reputed supplier, and you can always keep peace of mind.

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