Albuquerque Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Sales and Inspections


Brazas Fire can install kitchen hood fire suppression systems in any kitchen! Whether you are building a new kitchen, remodeling your restaurant or building a food truck we can help!



Brazas Fire can service and repair your existing kitchen hood fire suppression system. 

Semi annual testing per NFPA-17A.

All services include thorough function tests to verify exhaust fans are working properly and that gas and electricity shuts down. Where applicable, ensure the fire alarm is operable when the system discharges. Verify that cylinders are charged and that 12 year maintenance is not due at the time of inspection. Weigh any system activation charges. We check distribution piping and nozzles for obstructions, clean grease from nozzles and replace nozzle caps. 

Upon completion we will re-arm the system, light gas appliances, reset electrical appliances, attach certification tag and electronic service report. 

We pride ourselves in being thorough and professional. Our installs are clean, we never cut corners and make sure you are protected should an event ever occur!