Albuquerque Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Sales, Service, and Inspections


Albuquerque Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Sales

Brazas Fire can install kitchen hood fire suppression systems in any kitchen! Whether you are building a new kitchen, remodeling your restaurant or building a food truck we can help!

Kitchen fires are no small matter, but Brazas Fire has the best materials to keep your space safe.

Here, we will show you why Brazas Fire is the superior option when it comes to kitchen fire suppression systems in Albuquerque.

Why Choose Brazas Fire for Your Kitchen Hood Suppression Needs?

Brazas Fire knows fire safety requires expertise and care. Here’s why they excel in:

Highly Skilled Fire Safety Professionals

The Brazas Fire staff is trained in the intricacies of fire safety in commercial kitchens. We keep up with codes, standards and best practices, and our experienced staffers understand the unique risks a kitchen brings to fire safety.

Thorough, Meticulous Services

Brazas Fire is involved every step of the way, from the development of the system design and the installation of the actual liner to the maintenance and systematic testing. You can rest assured that your system will go in properly and be systematically monitored for quality control.

Complete Range of Services

Brazas Fire is a business that can satisfy your needs on every level of kitchen fire safety: assessment, installation, maintenance, repairs… Whatever your kitchen wants, you can have it.

Customer-Focused Approach

Brazas Fire takes the well-being and pleasure of its customers as their utmost responsibility, personalizing the solutions for your kitchen and explaining everything in detail while making sure you feel not just like a customer but also like a partner.

When you choose Brazas Fire you’re not just getting equipment; you’re getting service and taking care of total kitchen fire safety.

Fire Suppression System Sales – Customized Protection

Brazas Fire, our team of highly-experienced professionals provide premium quality hood suppression system for every kitchen. We have the best hood fire suppression system for either new construction or remodeling your existing commercial cooking area.

High-Quality Components

With Brazas Fire, you can have assurance of using superior components that are found in the top-grade systems available. These systems will detect a fire and respond appropriately, providing a quick and practical means of containing the threatening flames. High-quality equipment + excellent installation = excellent protection.

Customized Installation

This specific approach is imperative because kitchen fire systems must be tailored to the individual kitchen – its layout, and its equipment. Each Brazas Fire fire-suppression system is designed to the individual kitchen.

Key Benefits

Brazas Fire suppression systems deliver critical benefits:

  • Reliable Protection: These systems identify fires rapidly and engage automatically.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to operate and maintain – no complex training needed.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Brazas Fire ensures your system meets NFPA-17A requirements.

For tailored solutions with quality components, Brazas Fire is the ideal partner.


Albuquerque Professional Maintenance and Repair Services

So that your hard working fire system doesn’t fall in disrepair, Brazas Fire provides regular maintenance to keep it in proper working order.

Regular Servicing

According to NFPA-17A, systems need to be checked every 6 months. Brazas Fire schedules maintenance tune-ups so your system is never overlooked. You will never have to be reminded of service dates again!

Detailed Maintenance Checklist

When servicing your system, Brazas Fire double checks:

  • Cylinder charges and maintenance records
  • Activation charge weights
  • Nozzle obstructions
  • Grease buildup and nozzle caps
  • System reset procedures
  • Appliance connections
  • Certification tags and documents

No component is missed – your system gets a thorough inspection.

Skilled Kitchen Hood Professional Technicians

The technicians at Brazas Fire are experts in fire systems. We take care of your system, keeping it as good as new.

Don’t Overlook Hood System Inspections

It is necessary to do kitchen fire safety inspections every 3-6 month. Brazas Fire does complete checks to find out the kitchen problems before it becomes an emergency.

In-Depth Inspections Include:

  • Testing exhaust fan operation
  • Verifying electrical/gas shut-offs
  • Evaluating fire alarm activation
  • Nozzle and cylinder assessments
  • Cleaning and replacements

Certification Ensures Compliance

In addition to the inspection itself, Brazas Fire leaves updated certification tags and reports at each check-up. Documentation is a vital tool in keeping your kitchen compliant.

Why Frequent Inspections Matter:

Inspection is not just about being compliant, either. Having a schedule in place for checking things regularly can lead to small fires being blown out before they spread – and you want to be sure you never lose track of your regular inspections.

Count on Brazas Fire for Total Kitchen Fire Safety

I hope this review shows why Brazas Fire should be your first choice in Albuquerque for kitchen hood suppression systems. Trust Brazas Fire for:

  • Sales and installation of suppression systems
  • Timely maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Detailed inspections and documentation

You can be rest assured that your kitchen is in safe hands with Brazas Fire. Their unparalleled service and solutions are everything you want in a kitchen partner.

Contact Us Today!

To get started, call Brazas Fire at 505-889-8999 or send an email to our team, ready to help you explore your kitchen and discuss solutions in a thoughtful way. You’ll receive robust fire protection you can trust, delivered without fail.

Brazas Fire is here to service and repair all your existing kitchen hood fire suppression system. 

Semi-annual testing per NFPA-17A.

All services include thorough function tests to verify exhaust fans are working properly and that gas and electricity shuts down. Where applicable, ensure the fire alarm is operable when the system discharges. Verify that cylinders are charged and that 12 year maintenance is not due at the time of inspection. Weigh any system activation charges. We check distribution piping and nozzles for obstructions, clean grease from nozzles and replace nozzle caps. 

Upon completion we will re-arm the system, light gas appliances, reset electrical appliances, attach certification tag and electronic service report. 

We pride ourselves in being thorough and professional. Our installs are clean, we never cut corners and make sure you are protected should an event ever occur!