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Albuquerque and New Mexico commercial buildings must have a backflow prevention device installed by code. A backflow prevention device permits your plumbing system water to flow into your building. A backflow device keeps contaminated water from your building’s plumbing line from harming the public water supply with contaminates. A backflow prevention device must be tested and certified annually to demonstrate they work in the event of an emergency. Locating a qualified backflow testing technician is a simple process. To find one in Albuquerque, call the pros at Brazas Fire at 505-889-8999.

Brazas Fire is qualified to test backflow prevention assemblies throughout New Mexico. 

Call (505) 889-8999 to Schedule Backflow Testing for your New Mexico Commercial Building Today!

We are committed to quality and Safety. Our technicians are certified to test all backflow assemblies and will provide you and the Water Authority with Accurate Test Reports.

Backflow Testing Albuquerque

Do not stress out regarding your Albuquerque commercial building’s backflow device or your New Mexico commercial building’s backflow device operational status. Get it tested by Brazas Fire. Dial 505-889-8999 today for backflow testing in Albuquerque or anywhere in New Mexico. Choose Brazas Fire for backflow testing in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and New Mexico.

At Brazas Fire, each field technician has undergone the training required to offer state-approved backflow testing.  At Brazas Fire, we understand that getting an Albuquerque backflow test is another task on an extensive list of things to do, so we make it our mission to make the process as quick and easy as possible. We show up on time for your backflow testing appointment, complete a full dependable system check and provide you with your findings report that is both comprehensive and accurate. If your system passes, we will certify it and submit the report so you can remove it from your task list. If your system requires servicing or repair, we will report our findings quickly so you can address the problem right away.


Trust Brazas Fire to provide you with quality backflow testing reporting so you can keep your commercial building’s fire sprinkler system in proper working order. Contact us today at 505-889-8999.

Backflow Preventer Assemblies are required for any connection between Public Water Supply Systems and other unregulated water systems. Backflow Preventer Assemblies are found on Fire Sprinkler Risers, Domestic Water Supply lines, Irrigation Systems, and on any internal building water systems which are cross connected and need to be Isolated from the Public Water Supply System. 

Backflow Prevention is Critical to Public Health. Backflow Preventer Assemblies are required to be tested annually to ensure proper function of the assembly in a backpressure or back-siphon condition in water systems. 

We are committed to quality and Safety. Our technicians are certified to test all backflow assemblies and will provide you and the Water Authority with Accurate Test Reports.

The United States enjoys one of the world’s most reliable and safest supplies of drinking water. Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in 1974 to protect public health, including by regulating public water systems. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requires EPA to establish and enforce standards that public drinking water systems must follow. EPA delegates primary enforcement responsibility (also called primacy) for public water systems to states and Indian Tribes if they meet certain requirements.”


Backflow Devices – Which devices are installed in your building?

It takes different backflow preventers for different situations. Here’s a quick look at what’s out there:

Double Check Valve Assembly

The OG backflow device with two check valves sandwiching shut-off valves. No vents. Low hazard use only.

Double Check Detector Assembly

Same protection but with a bonus meter to catch unplanned water flow. Useful for catching hidden leaks.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Spring loaded check valve opens if water pressure drops. Stops back-siphoning. Must be higher than highest outlet.

Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly

The beast! Double check valves plus independent relief valve for max protection. Use where health hazards exist.

Most buildings have a couple different backflow devices installed. Let the Brazas Fire pros know which ones need testing!

Don’t Lose Water Service – Get Backflow Testing Done Yearly!

The man can shut your water off if backflow devices aren’t tested when due. Don’t leave your building high and dry!

Brazas Fire helps make it painless:

  • Schedule tests on your time
  • Friendly reminders so tests don’t sneak up on you
  • Certified techs handle inspections
  • Reports filed with water regulators for you

Stay compliant and keep the water flowing with Brazas Fire’s backflow testing!

Backflow Testing Explained and Why It Is Critical to New Mexico Commercial Building Safety by Brazas Fire

Protect Fire Systems from Contamination

Ever think about all that sits between the water main and sprinklers? Boilers, cooling towers, lab equipment – stuff that can pollute water. Backflow devices keep nasties out of fire protection systems.

But they got to be tested yearly or who knows what could get sucked into sprinkler pipes. Flammable liquids? Bacteria? Last thing you need is contaminated water shooting from fire sprinklers!

Don’t take chances with your building’s safety. Call Brazas Fire to schedule certified backflow testing today. Keep those fire systems working right!

Brazas Fire – Your Backflow Testing Experts

At Brazas Fire, backflow inspections are our bread and butter. Let us take this critical task off your facilities’ to-do list!

Give us a ring at 505-889-8999 to:

  • Get reminders so testing deadlines aren’t missed
  • Have certified techs perform inspections
  • Receive detailed reports with photos
  • Have us file results with water authorities

Our New Mexico customers count on Brazas Fire’s decades of backflow testing expertise. Give us a buzz today to get a free quote!

Your Backflow Technicians – Proudly Serving NM

You all know Brazas Fire’s been around awhile. Well over two decades providing certified backflow testing and fire protection services in New Mexico. Our techs undergo tons of training to earn state approval for backflow inspections.

When you pick Brazas Fire, you’re getting seriously skilled technicians. Safety and accuracy is our top priority.

Backflow Testing Near Me

Do you manage a commercial building connected to a public water supply in Albuquerque or elsewhere in New Mexico? If so, you are required by law to have backflow prevention devices installed.

These devices prevent contaminated water from flowing backward into the clean water system. To maintain functionality and compliance, backflow preventers must be tested annually by certified technicians.

Why You Need Backflow Testing

Got a sprinkler system? Boiler? Water feeds the AC? Then you’ve likely got backflow preventers. These little gadgets keep contaminated water from backing up into the clean supply. Pretty important stuff!

See, buildings have all kinds of equipment with water hookups. And water can get funky fast. So backflow devices act like one-way valves. Normal flow goes one direction into the building. But if pressure flips, the valves close to block reverse flow of bad juju into the pipes. Bet you never realized how vital these gizmos are!

backflow Preventer New Mexico Backflow Preventor Testing Brazas Fire

Why Annual Backflow Testing is Crucial

Backflow devices are the unsung heroes keeping public water clean. But they gotta get checked yearly to ensure they still work.

Testing backflow preventers is quick and easy for the techs. But it’s a big deal for safety. Think about it:

  • Confirms the devices still function in emergency scenarios. Don’t need any nasty surprises!
  • Satisfies the law. Building owners who skip testing get unpleasant visits from the water authority.
  • Prevents contamination. Don’t want polluted water making people sick!
  • Maintains water service. Get devices tested or say bye-bye to the water supply!

See why it’s so important? A little test now avoids huge problems later!

backflow Preventer New Mexico Backflow Preventor Testing Brazas Fire

What to Expect During BackflowTesting

Relax! Testing is simple and keeps your building running smooth. Here’s the drill:

  • Techs inspect the backflow devices – Check for damage and leaks.
  • Devices get pressurized to simulate backflow – Tests the emergency shut-off.
  • Techs record results on inspection forms – For regulators and your files.

The tester might need roof or vault access to reach some backflow preventers. But testing won’t disrupt building operations or require shutting water off. Inspection and paperwork takes maybe 30 minutes per device. Easy-peasy!

Let the Certified Backflow Testing Pros Handle It

Specialized know-how is needed to test backflow correctly. Don’t leave it to the new guy!

When hiring a testing company, be sure to check:

  • Certification – Legit testing license from the state.
  • Expertise – Repair techs don’t cut it. Need backflow inspection experience.
  • Reporting – Ask for sample reports to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Compliance help – Many companies file results with the water authority for you. Sweet!

Save yourself the headache – leave it to the certified backflow pros!

Backflow Testing with Brazas Fire – Quick and Easy

Google “backflow testing near me” and Brazas Fire’s the name you’ll see again and again. Decades of A+ service makes us #1 for certified testing in Albuquerque and beyond!

Here’s why customers dig us:

  • Certified techs – Ongoing training keeps our techs’ skills razor sharp.
  • All devices, no problem – We test any backflow preventer – residential to industrial sizes.
  • Detailed reports – Thorough documentation with photos that satisfy inspectors.
  • Compliance covered – We submit results directly to the water authority for you. Such a relief!

Sleep easy knowing your building’s covered by Brazas Fire’s backflow testing pros. Give us a holler at 505-889-8999 to get on the books!

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