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Our factory trained and certified technicians have been serving New Mexico since 1986. We are a family owned small business that strives to deliver high quality service and products to keep your home or business safe and in compliance with local and federal fire regulations. 

Brazas Fire—New Mexico’s Premier Fire Safety Experts

Safety Counselling, Inc. – Brazas Fire’s Sister Company

Since 1973, Safety Counselling, Inc. has worked as an integral part of businesses, developing and implementing creative yet pragmatic solutions to safety.

Our safety professionals, with over 150 years of combined experience in all safety fields, can create an environment that will assist employers, workers, and the public to integrate safety and health into their work as a basic right and responsibility.

We offer hundreds of training classes to better workplace safety and design and implement safety programs.



Our Services

Fire Alarm System Basics by Brazas Fire
Emergency Warning Systems

We inspect and test fire alarm systems as well as emergency lighting systems.

Fire Extinguishers

We sell fire extinguishers and provide
Annual Certification and Recharging services. Pick up or delivery and installation are available.

backflow Preventer New Mexico Backflow Preventor Testing Brazas Fire
Backflow Testing

Brazas Fire provides testing on backflow prevention assemblies throughout New Mexico. (505) 889-8999..

Kitchen Hood Fire Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning commercial kitchen hoods. .

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

We install, inspect, test and perform maintenance on Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We inspect and test fire sprinkler systems

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

We install, inspect, test and perform maintenance on Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems.

Fire Hydrants

We flow test privately owned fire hydrants.

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Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Hazard identification, prevention and action.

Fire Safety Tips for your Business and Home

We aim to provide not just services, but knowledge to the community about the importance of fire safety. Check our blog for helpful tips about how you can protect your family and employees from fire hazards!


Our team.

Troy Roerig
Troy Roerig

Operations Manager

Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez

Lead Technician

Chase Hinkle
Chase Hinkle

Field Technician

Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller

Shop Technician

Joey Straub
Joey Straub

FIre Extinguisher Technician

Diana Loera

Office Liaison

Gabby Romero

Office Manager

Cary Carter
Cary Carter

Vice President

Brock Carter
Brock Carter