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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a local Fire Marshal’s request. Or you may have received a directive from your insurance provider to document you’re business’ restaurant kitchen hood is cleaned regularly. You may need to switch companies because the one you’re using not is not doing a quality job. Brazas Fire is ready to earn you business and make sure your company’s restaurant kitchen is taken care of the right way each time. Call us today at 505-889-8999 to book an appointment or complete the GET A QUOTE form below. 



Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Near Me

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Albuquerque NM


A safe kitchen starts with a clean kitchen. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Restaurant fires happen every year, usually from grease build-up in the kitchen hood exhaust system. A restaurant fire can be costly, usually shutting down the business for weeks or even permanently. 

As a restaurant owner, or kitchen manager, you already have enough day-to-day responsibilities to focus on, let alone remembering the last time your kitchen hood was cleaned. 

A simple and affordable solution to this is regular scheduled maintenance with Brazas Fire for your commercial kitchen hood cleaning services. 

Brazas Fire specializes in the cleaning of commercial kitchen hoods. Our team is knowledgeable, and efficient. You can trust the Brazas team with all your kitchen hood cleaning needs. Our techs clean restaurants, daycares, churches, dormitories, and food trucks. If you have a kitchen hood, our techs can clean it.

NFPA-96 requires cleanings quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Let us help you with determining the right cleaning schedule. 

The Brazas team will call you to schedule your cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our techs are always available to answer your call and respond quickly to your request. 

Brazas Fire is based in Albuquerque, but our techs travel the entire state of New Mexico. 

We price our services fairly and are very thorough with our cleaning and inspections.

We are available days, nights, or weekends. Whatever is convenient for you.

Our process includes the cleaning of the hood, duct, roof top fan, and grease filters. We also provide before and after pictures and detailed service reports.

Our techs will always leave your kitchen clean.

Our services include

  • Free estimates.

  • New grease filters.

  • Exhaust fan hinge kits & installation.

  • Rooftop grease containment filters.

  • Exhaust fan – replacement belts.

  • Hood globe replacement 

If you would like to experience the peace of mind that comes with preventing catastrophic fires in your kitchen hood and staying in compliance with the fire marshal, then give us a call at 505-889-8999

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