Albuquerque Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service

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Albuquerque Fire Extinguisher Sales

Brazas Fire sells fire extinguishers in all sizes and classifications.

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We carry Ansul and Badger brands which are UL Listed Commercial Grade fire extinguishers that come with a 6 year warranty.

We can also order many other brands upon request.

Not sure what you need? Contact us and we can recommend products to help fit your budget and requirements!

Albuquerque Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Maintenance

Brazas Fire can provide services for any brand fire extinguishers you currently have. We service ABC, Co2, Halon, Halotron, Class K and Water fire extinguishers. 

All of our inspections are completed per NFPA 10 regulations by trained and certified individuals. 

Hassle free annual inspection – we will reach out to you when it is time for your fire extinguishers to be inspected to maintain compliance. 

Recharge – We can refill and charge fire extinguishers that have been discharged. 

6 year or 12 year internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Damaged components are replaced as necessary.