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New Mexico Paint Booth Fire Suppression System Facts Every Paint Shop Needs to Know

New Mexico Paint Booth Fire Suppression System Facts Every Paint Shop Needs to Know by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

According to the records provided by NFPA, one of the leading reasons for causing a fire in spray painting operations has a close relationship with sparking equipment. The fire basically starts when welders, grinders, or similar types of equipment ignite airborne paint mist. 


NFPA Standard 33 has issued many guidelines for safety requirements for paint booths. Not only this but there are also a lot of OSHA standards that are related to painting booths as well. 

Following these rules is easier said than done especially when there are so many guidelines from numerous sources available out there. 

However, the easiest way to stay compliant with all these rules is if you let a professional set up a fire suppression system for you. 

Automatic Fire Suppression for Paint Booths

Depending upon the kind of product being sprayed, there are different types of fire suppression systems. However, the most popular type which detects fire and suppresses it is the dry chemical system. 

This system works automatically without any external input. The way it works is that it detects fire itself and initiates the suppression system along with an alarm asking the people nearby to leave the area. The system limits the airflow especially the oxygen flow, which is essential to ignite the fire, thus taking out the fire in no time. One of the best features of this system is that it waits for the exhaust fans to shut down so that the fire does not spread rapidly. 

ABC dry chemicals are there to handle the following issues. 

  • Combustible materials
  • Flammable liquids 
  • Flammable gases

The best part is that all these systems work according to all the guidelines provided. Therefore, you can be sure of the fact that you have everything that you might need to stay safe.

If you are looking to set up such a system for your company, all you are going to need is an expert who is going to come and install this for you. Now if you are by any chance in New Mexico, Brazas Fire has got your back. Brazas Fire is single-handedly one of the most experienced and professional service-providing companies out there in New Mexico when it comes to fire suppression systems. 

On the other side, if you are not in New Mexico, you must look for a company that has a proper license as well as enough amount of experience to know what they are doing. You should not depend on any system that promises to give you the best fire suppression system but has no license to approve you of its authority and licensure.   

Listed below are parts within your fire suppression system that need to be carefully installed by an expert. 

  • Agent Tanks 
  • PAC 10 and PAC 200 Cylinders
  • Time Delay 
  • Alarm Bell 
  • Control heads
  • Nozzles and caps 
  • Detectors, brackets, and fusible links
  • Supplementary Requirements 

Once you get the right fire suppression system you are pretty much good to go. However, you should also consider fire extinguishers with high flow in case of immediate action against an unexpected fire outbreak. Fire extinguishers like these are essential to combat combustible products like paint or grease. 

Brazas Fire recommends you have quick access to fire extinguishers not only throughout your workplace but also inside the entry and exit of the paint booths so that the employees can access them themselves in case a fire breaks out. 

Moreover, it is necessary for you to have suppression systems inside your paint booth regardless of the law asks you to do that or not. You must pay extra care to your safety and having suppression systems inside your paint booth is going to ensure just that. 

Good for you that Brazas Fire creates customized paint booth fire suppression systems which are available in different sizes. These systems not only help you stay compliant with the laws but also ensure extra safety. 

Again, if you are in New Mexico feel free to reach us out today at 505-889-8999 or email us here. We are going to respond to your query in no time and set up a meeting time that works best for you. 

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