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How Your Company’s Fire Protection System May Be Violating the Local Fire Code

How Your Company's Fire Protection System May Be Violating the Local Fire Code

Installing a fire protection system demonstrates your dedication to safety and the security of all occupants, including neighbours, colleagues, and employees. All of them rely on you to have the necessary mechanisms set up to guarantee their safety in the case of a fire emergency. Your fire protection system has to be regularly inspected to make sure it complies with fire code standards.

The following problems with your company’s fire protection system may prohibit it from functioning properly or cause it to be disrupted, which would impair its capacity to safeguard your people and property from fire.

Having unclean smoke detectors within the ductwork

Check to make sure any smoke detectors placed in the ducting of your air handling system are clean, tested, and functional. Large buildings often have complex air handling systems with dust systems and smoke detectors placed in ducts. These detectors detect smoke from filters, motors, and fans and alert you in time to take appropriate action.

An air handling system’s air filter sees a lot of air, and it quickly fills up. Due to the quick accumulation of dust and debris, they need to be changed often. Only when smoke detectors are properly maintained and air filters in the ductwork are cleaned or changed on a regular basis will your fire protection system operate.

Blockages in the fire exits

For the sake of everyone’s safety, make sure that your building’s fire exits are visible and easily accessible. Make sure there is no clutter around the emergency exits or in the vicinity of any fire exits.

Owners of restaurants must check that nothing is obstructing any secondary exit doors in locations where customers may reach them or where employees operate. An easy approach to make sure your fire protection systems will pass inspection is to keep your fire exits visible and accessible.

Blocks in accessing the fire alarm pull stations

Fire alarm pull stations are seen in most contemporary structures. Nevertheless, sometimes individuals unknowingly obstruct these pull stations with furniture, plants, or other items.

Ensure that all fire alarm pull stations’ surroundings are conspicuously marked so that people may find them easily in an emergency. Move the impediment and remind the person blocking the area that those areas must stay open if they do so. It can save lives to have easy access to a fire alarm.

Smoke Detectors Near Air Diffusers

Air diffusers may be put close to your building’s smoke detectors after HVAC repairs. Smoke detector sensors get too dirty and dusty when air diffusers are placed too near to them. False alarms may occur from the pollution that follows. Make sure there is enough space between the smoke detectors in your fire protection system and the air diffusers.

Get expert fire protection services

It is better to get in touch with fire protection services regularly and seek their support. Then you can get inspections for fire extinguishers and get the expired ones replaced. You will also be able to rely on them to get sprinkler system testing, backflow testing, and many other similar services.

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