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How Do Fire Suppression Systems Operate?

How Do Fire Suppression Systems Operate by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999


It may be possible that your business has a fire suppression system installed to protect valuable machinery. However, if you do not know how to use it correctly the system is going to be of no use in case a fire breaks out. This is where we at Brazas Fire can come to your aid. We believe that there is nothing as powerful as being knowledgeable and we are constantly working to empower our customer base which helps them to make the right choices when it comes to safety choices. This process starts with knowing your fire suppression system properly. No matter if you need a sprinkler inspection system or want to learn about new equipment protecting your organization against unexpected fire outbreaks, the Braza Fire team is there to help you out. 


Those who have a clean agent that pumps through a suppression system instead of a water-based sprinkler system may wonder if it’s safe. The idea of gas coming out of nozzles to put out a fire can sound a bit scary to those without fire suppression knowledge. Waterless fire suppression systems are completely safe. This is because the clean agent is typically stored safely in tanks away from where the bulk of building occupants spend their time.


If you are someone who uses a cleaning agent pumping through a suppression system may wonder if it’s more reliable as compared to a water-based sprinkler system. People who do not know much about fire suppression knowledge might not like the idea of gas pumping out of nozzles to put out a fire. The safest fire suppression system is a waterless fire system. 

The way the cleaning agent works is by absorbing heat which tends to be one of the main things for fire to start and then spread further. One of the best ways for protecting your precious assets such as expensive artifacts, data centers, etc. is by using cleaning agents. The reason behind it is that they become non-conductive as well as become odorless. Furthermore, there is also no residue left behind which means that they are overall, safe for humans and for the environment as well. 

The way a CO2 suppression system works is by restricting the amount of oxygen that is available inside the room. We all know that fire cannot spread in oxygen deficiency. As a matter of fact, oxygen availability is one of the main things that is needed to create fire. However, since this method limits the amount of oxygen available, it is also not advisable for places where there are a lot of people normally present. 

There are actually three components of waterless fire suppression; The first one is the notification system; The second is the smoke detector; And the third is the control panel

It all starts when the smoke detector detects smoke or similar stuff in the air. It responds by sending in signals which leads to horns, or sirens, or even notifications on the mobile phone to alert everyone in the surrounding vicinity asking them to leave the place immediately. 


Since there are a lot of toxic, harmful, and dangerous oils/gases present at industrial locations, it can be a fairly hard task to make fire protection easy. Therefore, a dry chemical is used to deal with fire in industries. 

The dry chemical and the CO2 pretty much works in the same way; however, the major difference is that the dry chemical does not leave behind any residue. The reason behind this is that it uses dry chemical agents most popularly ABC or BC powder. The best part about this system is that it is extremely budget-friendly and affordable to maintain as well. However, cleaning it up can require a lot of effort. 

It is a no-brainer that if you are someone in industrial business it must be your priority to keep your organization or your workers free and safe from fire. For that, you need an excellent fire protection system. Brazas Fire provides premium fire protection services in New Mexico. The way we work is different. We work with Paint Booth as well as Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression systems. Furthermore, we make sure that we test and inspect every system multiple times so that there is no error in any system. Lastly, we also inspect as well as sell ABD, and CO2, fire extinguishers 


Our services are designed to help you according to the needs of your business, and to ensure top quality on every job we do and every customer we service. 

Contact Brazas Fire today at 505-889-8999. You can also click here and fill out our online Get Quote form. 

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