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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips Every Business Owner Needs to Know

A well-maintained fire sprinkler system can be the difference between significant property damage and saved property. A little fire that starts out modest and quickly spreads into a blazing inferno. This is why you should maintain the fire sprinkler system and ensure its proper functionality at all times.

Sprinkler maintenance includes everything from making sure the unit and sprinkler heads are properly cared for to making sure the system is configured correctly. Staff (or family) education must be done correctly.

In the event of a fire, damage might be done quickly. Ensuring that there are no malfunctions or delays in the sprinkler system may have a significant impact on everyone’s safety on the property. The standard for inspections and function parameters is maintained by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These are located in the NFPA 25 section.

Although a lot of the advice on this page is intended for big buildings and mixed commercial usage, you can certainly use it to maintain the safety and functionality of your home sprinkler system as well.

Tips for Maintaining Sprinklers

It’s important to periodically inspect the different components of your sprinkler system. We’ll go over how to maintain the system functioning properly and make sure that all staff members are informed of any changes in the sections that follow.

Visual inspection

There is a lot that can be communicated visually. Post signage next to sprinkler systems. These notices should serve as a reminder to staff to keep valves “open.” They may also enumerate the potential problems in the event that a valve is closed. But sometimes, a sign with an image conveys a lot more information than one that is lengthy and wordy.

Lock the control valves

Sprinkler control valves may be kept open to guarantee that they are constantly prepared to put out a fire. It will be beneficial to remind staff members not to turn off equipment unless they have permission, although some gadgets will prohibit people from making changes. The best defense against valve closure or tampering is the use of electric lockout mechanisms.

Understand NFPA Code 25

Employee education on the fundamentals of sprinkler systems and system safety is beneficial even if it may not seem like much at first. This baseline was established by the NFPA in order to prevent problems with regular check-ups.

Helpful tips to follow daily

Sprinklers with boxes kept nearby should have their batteries changed often. In particular, if the boxes come into contact with the heat detection sensors, crowding may cause issues with them. Move the boxes to a shorter stack if at all feasible. Be careful to remove all painter’s tape from sprinkler heads after painting.

Sprinklers in high-heat areas, such as bakeries, should be replaced often, and the system should be checked annually, or high-heat heads might be used in their stead. Here are some more tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Inspect pipes and replace gauges every five years.
  • Replace sprinkler heads every twenty years for “fast response” and every fifty years for ordinary sprinkler heads.
  • Inspect control valves, alarm switches, and backflow preventers annually.
  • Conduct general system inspections once a year.

Start acting today

Maintaining the sprinkler system might be the difference between life and death and expensive repairs, whether you own a shop, a house, or a multi-family building like a condo complex.

With these pointers at hand, your system should operate without a hitch. If your sprinklers ever go off, you should have an inspection done once the damage has been repaired. In the event that you need them again, this guarantees they are in good operating condition. For good reason, sprinkler systems have been in use for more than a century: they are effective. Nothing can completely prevent a fire, but everyone can be much safer if a sprinkler system is kept up to date.

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