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Albuquerque Family Fire Safety Plan – How to Make it Happen

Albuquerque Family Fire Safety Plan - How to Make it Happen by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

For the most part, folks put as much effort into Albuquerque family fire safety as they do in lining up the clothing in their chest of drawers. However, when one factors that of the fire fatalities in the nation occur in the home, it is prudent to take the time at your Albuquerque home to create fire escape plan.

Here are facts to take into consideration when preparing fire escape plan and making your Albuquerque home safe from fire.

Albuquerque Home Overhead Fire Exit Floor Plan Exercise
Meet with your family and have everyone in the home (or just you, if you are single) draw out an overhead floor plan of your Albuquerque home on paper with all the walls drawn in so they can view the home and its rooms from above. If there is more than one floor, draw a floor plan for each floor on its own piece of paper.

Instruct your family to notate the best escape route for all the rooms in your home. This path is normally through the door of the room and then exiting through the front door of your home. From there, have each family member draw a 2nd escape route, in the event the front door path is hindered by fire, smoke, heat or all three. Normally this escape route is through the window of the rooms in the home. Next your family needs to check to see if the windows open easily and confirm the person sleeping in that room can open it. If they cannot open the window in their room, have your family devise an alternate plan to help that person escape in the event of a fire. Discuss and confirm a meeting place to meet outside once everyone has exited the home during a fire.

Albuquerque Home Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms are an affordable method to put out a loud signal in the event there is smoke in your Albuquerque home. In 2021 there is a lot of information out there regarding smoke sensing technology. Make the additional investment into dual sensing technology smoke alarms for your Albuquerque home. These smoke alarms feature photoelectric and ionization sensing chambers. 

Install a minimum of one smoke alarm for each floor in your Albuquerque home and install a unit at the entrance of each bedroom or room where people sleep. Installing additional smoke alarms enhances your family’s alert time. With that in mind, do not install smoke alarms next to your homes’ fireplaces, kitchens, or bathrooms, because the smoke alarms will go off all the time and create nuisance for you.

Albuquerque Home Safety Ladder
If your Albuquerque home is a two-story, family members sleeping upstairs are not going to safely jump out window from there. Buy safety ladder and place it upstairs conveniently, but safely so it can be accessed in case of fire. Safety ladders are compact designed so they will fit fine in a closet or under a bed in case of an emergency. Safety ladder hooks directly onto a windowsill. Once put in place, it is easy to safely climb down the ladder to safety. Safety ladders come in both two-story and three-story sizes. Check how far your windows are from the ground and then buy the proper size safety ladder for your home.

Albuquerque Home Fire Extinguishers
Purchase a set of fire extinguishers for your Albuquerque home and distribute them in fire prone areas such as the kitchen, the basement, and the garage. Buy fire extinguishers rate fire types A, B, and C. This type of fire extinguisher will help you handle virtually all fire types in your Albuquerque. Take the time to teach everyone in your Albuquerque home that is age appropriate how to use the fire extinguisher. Instruct your family to not hesitate to call the Albuquerque Fire Department in addition to putting your fire extinguisher into action when necessary.

Take the time and practice your Albuquerque family fire safety plan with your entire family. The toughest aspect about creating a fire safety plan is taking the time to create it. However, you can showcase it as smart fun exercise for the family to complete, including seeing who comes up with the best floor plan drawing and having fun placing the safety ladder and learning how to use a home fire extinguisher. Be sure to practice your Albuquerque Family Fire Safety Plan two times year.

You should stress to them that the most important part of any family safety plan is practicing the plan with all members of the family present. The hardest part is the few minutes needed to develop the plan, but you can present it as a fun, family assignment. The easy part is practicing it at least twice a year.

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