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Albuquerque Businesses Required Fire Sprinkler Inspection Explained

Albuquerque Businesses Required Fire Sprinkler Inspection Explained by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

The commercial building automatic fire sprinkler system in your Albuquerque business is the primary initial defensive tool you count on to fight an unexpected fire. Both building inhabitants and the building itself are protected by a fire sprinkler system. The system is a mandatory fire protection piece of equipment that is part of most all Albuquerque commercial buildings, but how can you confirm if the fire sprinkler system in your Albuquerque business will operate in the event a fire breaks out? The answer to that question is that your fire sprinkler system needs to get inspected twice a year to confirm it is in good working order.

Albuquerque Fire Sprinkler System Semi-Annual Inspections Explained

Albuquerque businesses are required to get their automatic fire sprinkler system inspected semi-annually to meet both federal certification requirements and state licensure requirements. Automatic fire sprinkler systems are required to be inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25, the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

The company to hire to in Albuquerque to do your automatic fire sprinkler system inspection is Brazas Fire. When you hire Brazas Fire to complete your Albuquerque business’ fire sprinkler system inspection, we will do the following: Water flow tests; alarm notification tests; control valves; gauges; and more. The New Mexico state fire code mandates semi-annual flow testing by a trained technician.

Brazas Fire is the premier fire sprinkler system inspection company in Albuquerque, NM. The company tests and inspects both Wet and Dry fire sprinkler systems in Albuquerque and the surrounding New Mexico communities.

Quarterly, Semi Annual and Annual tests can be scheduled per your request. Testing time frames may vary based on requirements of your insurance company or authorities in your local jurisdiction including local fire departments.

Call Brazas Fire today at 505-889-8999 or complete our online Book Appointment form to schedule your Albuquerque or New Mexico business’ fire sprinkler system inspection.

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