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When Should My Albuquerque Commercial Fire Alarms Be Tested?

Albuquerque Commercial Fire Alarm Testing

You are sure that the fire alarm in your building will always be ready to sound and provide notification if a fire breaks out. But how can you ensure the system will function properly when you need it to? The answer lies in maintaining a schedule of routine testing and inspection for your fire alarm system. Regular checks and examinations can assist you in the following ways:

  • Determine whether parts of the system could have been altered or broken due to whatever happened.
  • Determine any flaws or weaknesses that may exist in the system.
  • Check that each component of the fire alarm system is operating as it should.
  • Maintain your organization’s compliance with the national, state, and local fire codes.

Standards for the testing and inspection of fire alarm systems have been created by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). The following is a list of the intervals at which your system must be examined following NFPA 72:


An experienced and trained individual should visually inspect all the equipment once each year. During this examination, our professionals will check to ensure that the system has not been subject to any alterations that could affect its functionality. They will evaluate any alterations made to the structure and the positions of any devices, impediments, damage, and cleanliness. In addition, they will assess all the components of your system and document any faults found.


Additionally, some fire alarm components, including batteries, duct detectors, smoke detectors, and others, must undergo a visual inspection and test at least once every six months per NFPA 72.


It is essential to do quarterly inspections on all fire alarm equipment, including supervisory signal devices and water-flow devices.


Additionally, fire alarm components must be examined and tested monthly, weekly, and daily by NFPA 72. Testing the sensitivity of the smoke detector should be done within the first year following installation and then at regular intervals every two years after that. Your fire alarm inspection firm will assist you in formulating a strategy for testing and inspection tailored to your organization’s requirements and location.

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