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The Basics of How a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems Works

The Basics of How a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems Works by Brazas Fire 505-881-1112

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are more than half of all restaurant fires caused by cooking equipment. There are simple ways to keep fires and grease fires from starting in restaurants. For example, you can put in a hood suppression system.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are an excellent way to keep your restaurant and its people safe. Here, you will learn how these systems work so that you can be ready for a fire at a restaurant.

What Buildings Benefit from Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems?

 As a rule, fire suppression systems are found in restaurants. They can also be found in apartment buildings and even student housing. Investing in kitchen fire suppression systems is cheaper than fixing fire and smoke damage in a commercial building after a fire.

Where Is the Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Installed?

 These systems can be made to protect a wide range of kitchen appliances, such as stoves or deep fat fryers. Nozzles for the fire suppression system are put into a duct in the kitchen hood. That way, the wet chemicals will be thrown right at the source of the fire.

How Does a Kitchen Hood Suppression System Work?

 Oxygen, heat, and fuel are the three things that a fire needs to grow. When the system detects a fire, wet chemicals will be sprayed from the nozzles above the stove. Fires can quickly be put out with these wet chemicals because they cover the flames and don’t give them oxygen. It will be cut off as soon as the system goes off. This will leave the fire without fuel.

As soon as a fire breaks out in the kitchen, this two-pronged method quickly puts it out. It doesn’t affect other cooking stations. This means that you don’t lose all the food you’re cooking in your kitchen. Only the food that was burned in the fire is lost. Fires make a lot of smoke, so your kitchen’s hood automatically turns on to remove the smoke. Fire suppression systems in kitchen hoods automatically put out fires, which means less money is lost.

Are Fire Suppression Systems Just for Kitchens?

 Fire suppression systems can discharge various chemicals depending on their intended use. For instance, a different chemical will be used to extinguish grease fires than to extinguish oil or electrical fires. Employ a fire protection contractor knowledgeable about the type of system required for your application.

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems?

 Preventing kitchen fires is significantly less expensive than repairing structural damage caused by a fire. As a result, many business owners value the added security of a fire suppression system. Not only are you protecting the people of your building, but you are also limiting fire damage to a single cooking surface.

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