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Reasons That Make Scheduled Kitchen Hood Cleaning Critical to Your New Mexico Restaurant’s Safety

Reasons That Make Scheduled Kitchen Hood Cleaning Critical to Your New Mexico Restaurant's Safety by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

As a restaurant owner in the Albuquerque, NM – or anywhere in New Mexico for that matter – you’re no doubt aware that you need to have a kitchen hood system installed in your kitchen.  This is not only for keeping your building safe, but to be following local and national fire codes.

However, having a kitchen hood system installed is of no use if you don’t spend the time to keep it well maintained and clean.

Luckily, because your restaurant is either within the Albuquerque metro-area or New Mexico, you have the perfect companion for kitchen fire protection services in us, and we can be conveniently reached at 505-881-1112.

Why Do I Need Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services?

A kitchen hood traps smoke, grime and grease or any other pollutants from traveling through your kitchen – and even out into your restaurant.

Therefore, if the kitchen hood is not cleaned and maintained, you run the risk of it becoming a firetrap as grease and oil build-up.  These nasties can coagulate and turn into a sticky, glue-like substance that becomes extremely flammable.  With enough heat – as you have in a commercial kitchen – this gooey mess can ignite. The risk to your customers, employees, assets and building could be catastrophic.

As well as the obvious fire hazards, there are several other reasons why a regular kitchen hood cleaning service is important:

  • Clean fire hoods prevent potential health hazards for both your customers and staff.
  • Compliance with local fire officials and fire codes means that you are required to keep your kitchen hoods cleaned and maintained.  If you are discovered with a dirty kitchen hood, you run the risk of being fined, shut down, or even both!
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen hood is also a necessity for complete insurance cover.  If you’re in violation of code – for example, with a dirty kitchen hood – insurance carriers may decline to cover you, or increase your premiums.

This can all be avoided by contacting us today at 505-889-8999 to schedule your commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to your Albuquerque – or anywhere in New Mexico – restaurant.

What Are the Benefits Of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

We’re often asked whether professional kitchen vent hood cleaning is necessary.  Of course, if you really wanted to, you could undertake this task yourself, however it’s strongly advised that you engage professional fire protection services or a kitchen hood cleaning company for the following reasons:

  • Time & Effort:  Kitchen hood cleaning has got to be one of the dirtiest, time consuming and difficult tasks which usually involves taking everything apart and cleaning each individual part with special grease cutting chemicals.  Experts are proficient in taking them apart, cleaning them, and putting them back together in a much faster, efficient way than you could do yourself.
  • Intricate Design:  There are crucial areas within a kitchen hood that are not obvious to the everyday Joe Bloggs because of the intricate designs they present with. They are easily overlooked; however an expert knows what to look for.
  • Potential Repairs:  Each component of a kitchen hood system must be working properly for it to be doing its job efficiently.  Unless you’re intimately familiar with your kitchen hood system, you may not have the knowledge of whether certain parts are, indeed, functioning correctly.
  • Compliance With Fire Codes:  Complying with fire codes is second nature to a professional kitchen hood cleaning company.  They have this information at their fingertips, unlike most restaurant owners or staff.

So, the risks of DIY when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your kitchen hood are more than likely going to outweigh any money you may save.  Our customers confirm that once you’ve had a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning service, you’ll never contemplate doing this yourself again.

We provide both commercial kitchen vent hood inspection and kitchen hood cleaning services throughout New Mexico.  Give yourself peace of mind and contact us today to schedule services at 505-889-8999!