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Kitchen Fire Hood Suppression System Operation Basics

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Taking the necessary steps to prevent restaurant kitchen fires is only half the battle. Ensuring that a restaurant has the correct preventative fire equipment can decrease the chances of a kitchen fire from happening. It can also reduce the damage from a fire when one does occur. The best way to protect your restaurant, the workers, and the guests from potential kitchen fires is to invest in a quality modern kitchen fire hood suppression system. Read through this article to find out what a fire suppression system is and how it can be integral in saving the livelihood and lives of restaurant business owners, employees, and customers.

Kitchen fire hood suppression systems are installed into commercial or industrial businesses such as restaurants to prevent fires. What is more, kitchen hood fire suppression systems are used in student housing, apartment buildings, food trucks, and even bakeries to prevent fires. Anywhere where there is cooking equipment and grease can risk a chance of creating a kitchen fire. A kitchen fire hood suppression system is beneficial and preventative for kitchen fires. It is also essential to have the correct Class K fire extinguisher on hand if there is a fire. Take as many precautions as you can when dealing with potential fire hazardous areas. The fire extinguisher and the suppression system can work in tandem if a fire breaks out. These fires are some of the hottest and fastest-moving, so you want to act fast and have all the best equipment on hand.

Kitchen fire hood suppression systems are not an aesthetic choice. It is a safe choice that is an excellent investment for all restaurants. When thinking of fire safety in a commercial kitchen, place considerable emphasis on “investment.” Not only are you investing in protecting your workers and your guests, but you are also investing in protection for your other kitchen appliances and equipment. Kitchen appliances and equipment are not cheap, that is a fact. Knowing that you could invest in a fire suppression system to help cause the least amount of damage if a fire breaks out is well worth it. A component of the suppression system is the nozzles release wet chemicals directly over the fire. When a kitchen hood fire suppression system deploys the wet chemical exhaust, it requires little to no cleanup when there is a kitchen fire. The appliances are protected, and it is not a pain to clean up the mess afterward.

How the suppression system works is quite simple. When the system first attacks the fire, the nozzles attached to the hood exhaust will disperse the wet chemicals. The wet chemical used to take down the fires consist of a special potassium blend. This process takes place in two steps as it smothers and kills the fire. It first releases a liquid mist to cool down the fire. Following that, to prevent a reignition or spread of the fire, a thick heavy soapy substance will form because of the chemical reaction and further seal the surface of the liquid mist. This process works just the same as a wet chemical fire extinguisher does. The wet chemical mixture is curated to act quickly and pull the oxygen from the fire. The activation of kitchen fire hood suppression system turns off the gas line to the stove or oven. This action stops the appliance from further distributing fuel and adding to the fire.

The best part about the kitchen hood fire suppression system is that you will not be set back too much by wasting all the food in the kitchen or having to clean up. The system targets the fire and releases its wet chemicals on the source. The fire suppression systems work to cover all the bases before, during, and after the fire occurs. Once the fire is out, the hood’s fan will turn on and remove smoke from the kitchen.

There is a multitude of fire suppression systems. These include foam water sprinklers, water mist, dry pipe, wet chemical mentioned earlier, and even dry chemical. Certain types of these systems work best if there is a specific environment, whereas some might not work. For example, a water mist or water spray sprinkler will not put out an oil or grease fire. It would further spread the fire and cause more damage. That is why choosing the right fire suppression system is highly vital.

Before buying just any fire suppression system, speak with a technician or a professional in the fire safety field. They can best supply you with an option that is suitable for your environment. Fire suppression systems legally must comply with local fire codes and fire regulations. Some fire suppression systems are automatic, while others require manual labor to trigger them.

Staying up to date on fire safety and fire safety protocols can save your life one day. Suppose you work in a restaurant or an industrial kitchen or cafeteria. In that case, you are at risk every day of being involved with a high-stakes kitchen fire. With today’s technology, we must quickly resolve any fire outbreak and prevent the fire; we should take full advantage of it. Fire suppression systems have been in place for centuries. Kitchen fire hood suppression systems today use new technology and data to protect individuals and companies from the destruction of fire. Do not take the threat of fire lightly; stay knowledgeable, protected, and continue to prevent kitchen fires.

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