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Here’s How to Fend Off Property Loss from a Fire

Here's How to Fend Off Property Loss from a Fire by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

There are many fire safety tips that will assist you to prepare for the worst, however the first one requires some serious thought, and that is to create an escape plan.

Don’t forget, an escape plan has to be “owned” by all that could be affected, so ensure everyone is aware of your escape plan and know what their role is at the time. The rapid spread of fire can be quite frightening, so you can be better equipped to deal with this if you have plans in place.

We’ve all seen the cute fire prevention advertisements on TV that are a great way to introduce children to fire safety, however fire safety applies to everyone, not just children.

What better time than Fire Prevention Week for everyone to learn ways they can keep themselves and their family safe?

In Albuquerque – or anywhere else in New Mexico – you can find out more about fire prevention services by calling Brazas Fire at 505-889-8999.  Alternatively, you can contact their fire safety team online.

While the best goal is to prevent fires from occurring, these do happen.  So, the next best thing is to ensure you have protective measure in place to minimize any damage or perhaps slow the flames.

These tips may help you to prevent property loss in the event of fire in your business.

Building Structure

If your business is part of a renovation project or a new construction, fire protection is an absolute must to keep in mind.  Following your local building and fire codes will give you the best way to ensure your business is designed to slow the spread of fire.  There are a couple of things you can add to your building to help prevent fires, like:

  • Fire dampers within the ductwork
  • Fire doors that are self-closing

Follow Relevant Safety Protocols

You can ensure your building is less vulnerable to fire damage if you keep fire safety always in the back of your mind. Here’s some ways you can help:

  • Don’t block fire sprinkler heads
  • Ensure correct storage of flammable materials
  • Clean up any debris and dust

Have Appropriate Firefighting Equipment on Hand

Make sure you have the right firefighting equipment available in your building, such as:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets

Installing Automatic Fire Protection Equipment

Of course, the very minimum you should have are fire blankets and fire extinguishers However for ultimate confidence and peace of mind, consider installing automatic fire protection equipment, such as:

  • Automatic fire suppression systems
  • Fire sprinklers

Preventing Fire Damage to Your Property

If you’re looking to prevent property loss with certain fire protection equipment, Brazas Fire is your best resource. We service fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, and more.

To learn more about how we can serve your New Mexico-area business, please contact us online or call us at 505-889-8999 today.