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Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Fire Suppression System Testing Basics

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Fire Suppression System Testing Basics by Brazas Fire 505-889-8999

Brazas Fire is Albuquerque and New Mexico’s best fire protection company for fire suppression system inspection, testing, and maintenance services. To be compliant with state fire codes, your fire suppression system must be inspected every six months by a qualified contractor. At Brazas Fire, we are fully licensed to inspect and maintain all brands and types of fire suppression systems, including dry chemical, liquid chemical, and hybrid systems.

Our semi-annual fire suppression system inspection service includes:

  • Cleaning all nozzles so they are free of grease.
  • Cleaning the fusible links every six months and changing out the fusible links every 12 months.
  • Testing the remote pull to ensure that it can activate the system.
  • Checking and testing the gas valve and electrical shutdowns.
  • Double checking the pressure in the storage tank.
  • Verifying that all appliances are under the appropriate types of nozzles.
  • Ensuring that there are six inches of clear space on either side of the hood/cooking area.

Every 12 years, a restaurant hood fire suppression system also needs to be hydrostatically tested and have its liquid chemical replaced. We offer a modified version of this inspection service for paint booth fire suppression systems.

With any of our fire protection system services, you can also schedule on-site training and demonstrations for your kitchen staff at no additional cost. Our fire safety and prevention system training program educate your staff on what they will need to do in the event of a fire and keeps your restaurant or commercial kitchen compliant with current fire and safety codes. Call today to schedule an automatic fire suppression system inspection, testing, and maintenance service in Albuquerque or any surrounding New Mexico city.

Restaurant Fire Suppression System Recharging

If you recently had a large enough kitchen fire that caused your fire suppression system to discharge, then you need a qualified fire protection company to come out and recharge your system before you can reopen for business. Since all the devices under the cooking system are tied to the fire suppression system, when the fire system is triggered, it shuts off all the gas and electrical power that feeds into your cooking system. So, not only is a fully charged fire suppression system required to follow state fire code regulations, but you won’t even be able to turn on your cooking equipment until the system is reset.

To help get your kitchen back up and running as soon as possible, Brazas Fire is available 5 days a week to recharge and reset restaurant fire suppression systems in Albuquerque and surrounding cities.